Merely Mobile Masbateño Memories

Merely Mobile Masbateño Memories

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Wanting to push my mobile photography skills to a notch higher, I intentionally left my mirrorless camera for my ever reliable iSight native camera and took the challenge to cover our week-long adventure around the archipelago of Masbate province. Our itinerary went fast-paced and jam-packed so my decision to capture the Masbateño moments merely on mobile phone is right.

Rodeo Masbateño, Masbate
The main event of the entire festival is the invitational competition among the cowboys and cowgirls in the Philippines

Mayong Payong, Masbate
Looks like a shot lifted from a teleserye setup situated at Mayong Payong viewing deck

Rice Fields, Masbate
For Simon Gonzaga of The Big Black Backpack, there’s no place like hometown

Dacu Beach, Masbate
Daku Beach has been our shelter for the week and is greeted by this mood-boosting and creativity-stirring kind of sunrise

Buntod, Masbate
Buntud has a piece of sandbar few minutes away from the city and serves as a large home for marine life forms

Catandayagan Falls, Masbate
With a height similar to an eight-floor building, this waterfalls empty its beauty straight out to the sea

Burubangkaso, Masbate
Stepping stones of Dave Agbayani, the Chosen Juan of the recently concluded Juanderlust competition

Burubangkaso, Masbate
Another strip of good beach surrounded by the clear waters of Burubangkaso

Ticao Island, Masbate
The team behind the viral tourism video of the Philippines, Wow Tapes, is capturing very minute details for their all-new follow-up video

Halea, Masbate
Halea Park is a dejavu dream destination comparable among the islands of Caramoan and El Nido

Halea, Masbate
Pack up! Time to see a whole new water world.

Palani, Masbate
The best thing between our breaks is the abundance and festive servings of food

Zigzag Road, Masbate
A quick stop somewhere in their so-called Zigzag Road before the night falls

Miss Masbate
An apt segment of the very first inter-municipality beauty pageant showcasing the rodeo outfits of the contestants

Ticao Altamar, Masbate
The welcoming ceiling art of the port in Altamar Ticao Island Resort

Ticao Altamar, Masbate
Patiently waiting for the marshmallows and bonfire games to start that didn’t come

Ticao Altamar, Masbate
Sunday Morning like it was taken from the Maroon 5 hit song

Animasola, Masbate
Stripes for stripes by Lovey of Art of Movement

Animasola, Masbate
I wasn’t informed that Mister Masbate is actually running on Animasola Island

Animasola, Masbate
Contestant #1, Dave Agbayani, Quezon City

Animasola, Masbate
Contestant #2, Simon Gonzaga, Cainta

Animasola, Masbate
His zebra inspired shirt is totally rocking it.

Animasola, Masbate
My favorite destination among the islands of Masbate is a reminiscence of Kapurpurawan and Biri Rock Formations

Animasola, Masbate
The Bayani Traveler himself posing for blog of The Martyr Ng Pag-ibig a.k.a. The Wandering Weekend Warrior

Sombrero Island, Masbate
Yet another snorkeling site near Sombrero Island to end our itinerary

While there are still moments where iPhonegraphy would fall short like capturing the action-filled scenes of the man-vs-bull or Milky Way shot during that night with no electricity, my smartphone, with the help of photo enhancing apps, didn’t fail to deliver. Meanwhile, my GoPro took care of the rest of the memories in Masbate for my next travel video.

This visual diary is Part 1 of the adventure series featuring the emerging Masbate. Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Masbate in my next post.

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