How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

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The mobile game Pokemon Go is a global phenomenon! Since its anticipated launch in the Philippines, the lifestyle and daily routine of most Pinoy gamers have been changed. Everyone goes out and wants to be the very best, mga bes! Jiggly-pak! Gen-ganern!

There are few available in-app tips to guide the Pokemon master wannabes. So I made a supplementary primer on how to play Pokémon Go with feelings. Just because this mobile app is a lot like love.

Jigglypak, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

1. Pokémon Go is a sign to move on.

This is the world, the universe rather, telling you to go out and to move on, literally and figuratively. This game is a new beginning that came after from an end of something.

2. Quit playing games with someone’s heart and start playing a game for the heart.

Cardio pa more. The heart will bleed XP.

3. Palitan natin ng pawis yang dati mong mga luha.

Pagpahingahin mo naman yang tear ducts mo. Try natin yang sweat glands. Mapagod ka man, achieved pa rin ang Pokemon.

4. PokéStop changes when you get close enough.

Nako ayan tayo eh. Madaming nagbabago pag napapalapit ka. Tapos papaikutin ka pa. Alam mo na ito bes.

5. Once you’re done with the PokéStop, closure dapat agad.

Press the X button to collect the items in an instant.

Bulbachorva, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

6. Daig ng Abangers ang Masipag.

Eto real talk na. Fortune favors sa mga bantay-salakay ng PokéGym lalo na ng relasyon. Pinagpaguran mo yun nang pak na pak tapos pipitik yung iba nang ganern ganern lang.

7. It’s important to work with someone.

Oo nga pala. Mag-isa ka na lang. Sadnu? Awtsu. It helps when you play in a pair or a group. Para iwas bantay-salakay. The moment na nakuha mo na ang gym, someone else in your team should immediately place his Pokémon to claim it for you. Mapunta man sa kaibigan mo, at least, alliance. Team Instinct by the way. Note: not applicable sa syota tho. Mas masakit kung yung pinaghirapan mong i-lure, eh mapunta sa kaibigan mo. Bes, na-Ekans ka.

8. Crush your crush.

First instinct, pun intended, is to be with the team of your crush. But it is a wiser choice to choose the opposing team. You have more chance to make papansin as you beat the guy/girl. Catch Pokemon. Catch the attention of your crush too. Beat that Snorlax in the gym. Then place your level 10 Magikarp, with your number as the name of the Pokémon, and leave.

9. Ang gym na nawala sa iyo, wag mo nang balikan.

Bes, oo. Kung may iba na, huwag mo nang ipaglaban. You can only earn bonus every 21 hours. Pride na lang yang pinapairal mo. Sayang effort and potions.

10. Pag binato ka ng Pokéball, batuhin mo ng Razz Berry.

Spread love, not hate. Keep your cool.

Wartorteh, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

11. The sure way to someone’s heart is through the stomach.

This holds true in Pokémon world. Pakainin mo ng Razz Berry. And Candy too! Kahit naman siguro ikaw ang batuhin, masasaktan ka din. Tama lang na mag-sorry ka through Razz Berry.

12. Pay attention to the movement of the Pokémon when capturing in the wild.

Sanay ka naman bigyan ng kahulugan ang mga galaw nya di ba? Dictionary ka nga eh sa pagbibigay ng meaning eh. In capturing Pokémon in the wild, minsan kasi they deflect your Pokéball in their defense. So observe their behavior. Minsan illusion lang din na ang lapit nyo, yun pala malayo talaga sya. So close yet so far. Paasa ganoon. Ipapabugbog ko talaga sa Kanto yang Zubat na yan.

13. Watch for signals when capturing.

Read between the colored lines. Kapag red ring, more chance of fleeing. Iiwan ka nyan. Kapag green ring, yan ang makakapiling mo. Sila ang Pokémon Stay sa mundong punong puno ng Pokémon Go.

14. Collect then select.

Ayan ka din eh. Apply mo yang kalandian mo into good use. Duplicates will earn you more XP and Stardust. A key to evolution is to have a wide range of selection.

15. Sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.

So wag agad power up nang power up. Maghintay. May darating na mas okay, yung hindi tayo iiwan, yung isang magtatama ng mali sa buhay-trainer natin.

Oddishing, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

16. Habang tumatagal, mas napapamahal ka.

O di ba, how true! Mas tumataas ang cost ng Stardust and Candy habang mas tumatagal ang game play.

17. Mas pinapaikot, mas madaling makukuha.

Sanay ka na for sure. Marami ka ngang nauto di ba na parang curved ball bonus lang sila sa iyo. Practice throwing curved balls. 10 XP rin yun.

18. Put labels. DTR.

Define the relationship between you and your Pokémon. Rename those who are tagged for evolution or for transfer. Evolution takes time per Pokémon. So to save your time while Lucky Egg is ticking bomb, kailangan labelled na yung Pokémon for evolution and for transfer.

19. Name your Pokémon as pak and as ganern as possible.

Memorable if possible. Name your Ekans with your ex-Bessy’s name. If you want a Star-Studded Pokémon, go! Eevee Dabarkads (Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon), Zubat Herrero, Raichu Mae, Kabuto Mo Jessica Soho to name a few. For easy reference din and for fun of course.

20. Transfer your Pokémon like you mean it.

Para lang yang feelings, kapag na-transfer mo na sa iba, wala nang bawian.

Rattateh, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

21. If you can’t handle me at my Magikarp, you don’t deserve me at my Gyarados.

It is life quote actually. It teaches us that the one should accept us at our worst. Patience lang mga bes. 400 Magikarp candies or at least 200 caught Magikarp. Walang uuuwi nang walang nahuhuling isda!

22. Reality bites.

Augmented reality hurts the battery life. So turn off the AR feature. Pero kung galawang Hokage yan, para makapag-picture ka ng cute trainer or stranger, your call.

23. You’re moving too fast. I don’t understand you.

I’m not ready yet. Baby you set the trend.
This is what M2M, a girl band in the 90’s, taught us in Don’t Say You Love Me. It is a soundtrack in the Pokémon movie by the way. Move slowly but surely. A little below 10kph para ma-register yung steps in hatching eggs. Kung ayaw mong madapa, ma-fall at walang sumalo, walk at a certain pace.

24. Report cheaters.

We don’t like them. They ruining the game, relationships, and more. But do it responsibly. Baka naman legit adik naman yan. Niantic has due process naman because they review things before they ban. See, we need due process. Lol. Let’s be better and not bitter.

25. Travel light.

Throw away your excess baggage. Enough items lang ang kaya mo. Wala kang patutunguhan kung marami kang dinadala sa buhay.

Goshtly, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

26. Umaaura with incense.

It’s best used when you’re on the go. Naka-postura tapos tambay lang? Pak. 360. Ganern.

27. Baka kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga Pokémon natin kasi hindi tayo naka-incense.

Incense lessens the chance of fleeing monsters.

28. Use the Unli-Incubator for short-distance eggs.

Para makarami ka nang buo. Mga quickie ganern. Don’t deny this tip. Alam mo ‘to in real life.

29. Just like first love, starter Pokémon is exciting and memorable.

But it is challenging kasi ang daming darating na mas okay. Ipagpapalit mo ba?

30. You will save that Master Ball for that legen-wait-for-it-dary one.

We we’re still waiting for those big announcements. Niantic might have big events that enable us to catch legendary Pokemon. So save that ball.

Memachop, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

31. Like wasted feelings, you can pickup the thrown Pokéball during the catch so you can move to the next.

Wag mo nang patagalin. Pick yourself back up again.

I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokémon to understand
The power that’s inside
32. The more experience you have, the more chances of winning life.

The more advanced trainer you become, the better Pokémon you have in sightings.

33. When life gets harder, it means you level up.

Good job.

34. Minsan vibrate na lang talaga ang nagpapasaya sa iyo mag-isa.

Hindi naman sa bastos yun. Pero ganoon talaga eh.

35. Dodge at the start of each gym battle.

Pabebe muna bago chumorva. Iwas-iwas sa simula. Unang ma-fall kasi talo.

Awtzubat, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

36. Hold on.

Di ba? Mas pinapatagal, mas magaling. Ganyan din sa attack in gym battles. Press and hold on. When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.

37. Fainted and injured Pokémon need recovery.

Gets na gets mo naman na ito right? Kahit ikaw, kinailangan mo yan noon.

38. Pidgey is love.

Pidgey is underrated.
Pak Ganern.
Pidgey Grinding is the way to go to level up. It only takes a few Pidgey Candies to evolve and to gain more XP. Save those Pidgeys for evolution together with a Lucky Egg or two.

39. Learn diversity from Beyoncé and apply it here.

It’s better to have a wolfpack of varying egg groups to outwit the gym being challenged. Okay, okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation, cause I slay! CP lang ang lamang ng gym holders but if you know they’re weaknesses, you can bring 6 different types of Pokémon to defeat them.

40. Pick your battles.

Um-attitude ayon sa level at egg group.

Pikachos, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

41. Keep the app open like your heart.

Don’t minimize. Go all out.

42. Don’t compare your friends’ set of Pokémon against yours.

We’re all different. May kanya-kanya tayong pinaglalaban. Wag kang ano. Sabi nga ni F. Scott Fitzgerald, there are all kinds of Pokémon in this world but never the same Pokémon twice.

43. If you haven’t met a new stranger-turned-friend from this game, you’re doing it wrong.

Pokémon can act as a dating app if you know the skills how to socialize.

44. Get natural high with Pokémon Go.

Attend various pa-lure party ni Mayor in the biggest malls in the metro. Plus some of the malls are nests of certain species. MOA for Voltrob and Magneton. Greenfield District for Eevee. High Street for Pidgeys and Spearows. Lol. Ayala Malls have so many fountains that are breeding ground for Magikarp.

45. Madaming feelings ang madedevelop sa Pokémon Go.

Lalo na ang Pidgey na feeling Zapdos kung makawala sa Pokeball.

Eh Di Meowth, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

46. It is beneficial to know your Pokedex.

Learn the egg groups and what beats the other. Silhouettes are also clues in hunting. Minsan utak din talaga ang dapat gamitin. Hindi lang puso.

47. In Pokémon setting, be the “Catch ’em All” in the world full of “I Only Choose You”.

Wag kang choosy. Everything contributes to XP. You need to get a total of 2 million XP to reach the maximum trainer level. Saan mo hahagilapin yan kung masyadong mataas ang standards mo.

48. Ang mundo ay isang malaking Kanto.

Maraming Team Rocket members. Mananakawan ka. Be cautious of your environment.

49. It’s still just a game.

Have fun but don’t be too serious about it. Don’t put too much emotional investment. Don’t get attached. Lalo na sa kapwa-trainer. Baka laro-laro lang din ito sa kanya. Is it really “It’s you and me, I know its my destiny.”?

50. Pokécoin talks.

And when all else seem slowly working in your favor, you can buy items to aid the Pokemon hunt. Since it involves real world money now, the transaction needs to be secure and convenient. One sure way is to PayMaya it by linking the account to iTunes or Google Play account.

And that’s it. Let’s enjoy playing the game.

You teach me and I’ll teach you. Pokémon!

Paymaya, How To Catch Pokemon With Feelings

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