Love in the Time of Delay

Love in the Time of Delay

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The holding area frustrated the down rush of passengers. The sailing of our craft was delayed for more than an hour. It is the sole vessel en route from Caticlan to Batangas. Each of us became restless. Our patience was being tested. Somebody should start steering that ship or everyone breaks loose.

When boarding was announced, the sea of crowd immediately formed a queue. It was initially a struggle until the formation reached certain calmness. But like any random sample in the universe, there is a chance of observing undisciplined elements in the set. A woman, who appeared older than me, cut the line. The angular speed of my eyeball roll was unimaginable. It was nonsense to slip through the queue because everyone’s boarding the same ship with pre-determined assignments. Translate this similar situation in boarding gates of the airport. One travel pet peeve that can ruin one’s day.

Then I realized. Hold a sec. This is like love in the time of delay.

Assuming everyone who decided to embark in the ship are the ones who believe in love. Then, the cruising ship is the love that everybody wants. The ultimate thing that everyone hopes for is a mutual relationship to sail. The sad metaphor is I am the same impatient passenger of the vessel who cut the line. I can hardly wait for my turn to come. I take shortcuts. I swipe right. I also derive and take chances on what others left. I switch and hop between queues anxiously whenever I feel deprived.

Since I am an anticipating but impatient early bird whose heart is presumptively all systems go, I decide to cut the line. When I cut, I am stalling everyone behind. Worst if I created commotion. I should be aware that while I can probably position myself ahead of others, I am holding up The One to go aboard. I am also delaying other relationships to sail. Meanwhile, as for the case of The One who queue at a later time, the person end up behind. Perhaps, The One is packing or picking up things together and it takes a while. Or maybe, there are also other reasons that hinder the person to arrive at the gate early. I should remember that the vessel won’t leave until the last checked-in passenger takes on board. I have to wait because the last person who got onboard might be The One. Any relationship won’t sail if the other one is still not yet ready. I just need to build character while the waiting game is still strong.

Isn’t it a wonder as delays are sometimes the Captain’s plan all along? Our patience is tested because we are being prepared for the better. There is always the best and the right timing to steer the ship. The Captain knows the purpose more than we do. We have to put some faith.

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