Truly Fantastic Tinuy-an Falls

Truly Fantastic Tinuy-an Falls

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Tinuy-an Falls is the first in the Summer in December in Surigao Del Sur series.

Patrick, Genesis and I were determined to get the most out of the second day of our Agusan-Surigao trip since we haven’t much explored Butuan City after the touchdown. I already warned them a week before our trip that waking up in early morning would be pretty much our routine.

It only took less than an hour to prep up. We were already at the bus terminal before 3am and ate our breakfast there. It was already busy given the wee hours of the morning. While I was enjoying brekky in the carinderia, the two were approached by a sneaky seller of an iPhone device. Luckily, it was not my iDevice. It was quarter to 4 when the bus bound to Mangagoy left the terminal carrying less than a dozen of passengers.

While it would only take 4 hours of travel by a private car, we reached Mangagoy in 5 hours because our bus was loading and unloading passengers from town to town. There exists integrated terminal on each town which is a sign of progress and I could only hope for an adaptation in our capital region. And in these integrated terminals, Pat and I were constantly checking in Foursquare while Gen was checking for an existence of nearby portal in his Ingress game app (which is only available to Android to my dismay) to kill time.

Transportation For Hire

When we arrived at Mangagoy, we searched and bargained for a better deal to transport us in Tinuy-an, Enchanted River and to our hostel. We ended up choosing a van for PhP 2200 (by which we added another PhP 200 as a tip when we got late after Hinatuan island hopping) over a habal-habal for 3 for PhP 1500. As we were taking the very rough and sharp road to Tinuy-an, we felt relieved from the difference we paid for convenience.

Tinuy-an Falls
  • First tier near entrance
    First tier near entrance
  • Part of the welcoming committee
    Part of the welcoming committee
  • Go chasing waterfalls
    Go chasing waterfalls
  • Milkish waters in long exposure
    Milkish waters in long exposure
  • Uppermost tier of Tinuy-an
    Uppermost tier of Tinuy-an
  • Waiting for our turn
    Waiting for our turn
  • Pat is a happy kid
    Pat is a happy kid
  • The Tinuy-an Falls
    The Tinuy-an Falls

It is the widest waterfalls of the country and it is amazing to see the curtains in flesh! Best waterfalls yet! The view is worth the lack of sleep and long hours of travel.

One can rent a raft to go directly under the curtains of the second waterfall of Tinuy-an for a fee. It is already jawdropping to see the wonder from afar but to experience the gravitational force and physics of Tinuy-an Falls first hand is another.

We let our tour guide show the steep way to the top, to the third tier of waterfalls. The flat bed is slippery thus a tour guide, who charges minimal fee, is necessary to keep the camera dry even just only for it. We went closer to the walls and endure every rush of the waterfall. What a way to refresh our sleepy senses. We took turns for our solo Kodak moments.

Because of its magnitude of awesomeness, it is frequently dubbed as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. Works of nature are unique I believe. And Tinuy-an Falls is distinctly magnificent. I love waterfalls which is evident here and I am reiterating that Tinuy-an Falls tops this list.

It is unfortunate that we have to move to our next destination immediately since we’re chasing minutes. Although I had barely embraced the entire place, Tinuy-an Falls is forever tattooed. And sorry TLC, we can hardly help but go chasing waterfalls. But we’ll be sticking to Enchanted River next.